Outdoor turret camera with anti-vandal features, Sony electronics and built-in infrared array.
10" Color CRT Monitor for Security Networks and Surveillance DVRs
Outdoor Camera Housing for Full Size Security Camera
Video Signal Surge Protector, RJ45 to RJ45
Professional high resolution full size box-style camera with C/CS lens mount, dual power capability and dozens of advanced features.
PTZ Dome Options
Outdoor bullet camera with built-in infrared array.

Indoor box style security camera with low light sensitivity and auto-iris electronics. Lens sold separately.

Varifocal Lens 2.8-12mm with Auto-Iris

Black-And-White Video Door Phone and Camera Kit

Day/night sensitive board camera available for kits and do-it-yourself (DIY) CCTV camera projects.


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We've coupled a proximity card reader with a biometric fingerprint sensor to create a door/portal access control device for locations that require identity confirmation with controlled access. This proximity access card reader is coupled with a biometric fingerprint sensor for extra security. Maximum distance is approx. 15cm (5.9 inches). Constructed of tough ABS plastic.

  • Designed for indoor installation
  • Short response time
  • Standalone or use with PC (software included)
  • Large fingerprint capacity (up to 4500) & high recognition rate
  • Backup recognition mode for pool fingerprints, password or ID card
  • Master card assignable
  • Card capacity: 10,000 users
  • One RS-485 port supported for networking
  • Fingerprint database download/upload supported
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent the system from halting
  • External reader port 26/34 bit Wiegand format for anti-pass-back.
  • Alarm function available (tamper, force entrance, door open too long)
  • Keypad locks for 30 seconds, while continuous error operation
  • Universal serial port supported for LED display, printer, lift controller, ETC
  • Lift control: 5,000/32 stops
  • Access mode: card only, card or PIN, card and PIN
  • Fingerprint access mode: card & fingerprint, card or PIN & fingerprint, card & PIN & fingerprint, 4 digit user number & fingerprint
  • Matching mode: High end optical sensor 500 dpi resolution @ 8 bit gray scale
  • Area of input: 18mm x 16mm
  • Panel display: English, French, Italian, Danish, Greek, Spanish
  • External reader port: suitable for all WG, ABA reader, 125K, 13.56M (Mifare) or 2.4G reader
  • Networking: RS-485, 9600, N, 8, 1
  • Door relay: 12VDC @ 2A NO/NC/COM 0.1-600 sec. / latch type
  • Alarm relay: 12VDC @ 2A NO/NC/jumper selectable 0.0-600 sec.
  • Serial port: supported for ACC995, LED display, relay board, printer (4800, N, 8, 1)
  • Anti-pass-back: yes
  • Door group: 255
  • Time zone: 63
  • Event storage capacity: 11,000
  • Card reading range: 8-15cm (3.15"-5.91")
  • Power: 9-24VDC, <5W
  • Temperature: -20° C - 75° C (-4° F - 167° F)
  • Use with controllers like our ECL-ACC1000