4-Channel CCTV Video Signal Modulator
Nexxa 4 NVR
Network video recorder with 4 channels.
MAX Brand 8-Channel Security DVR
Electro-Magnetic Lock Bracket
500' Bulk Spool of Black/White Siamese / Dual Power & Video Cable Coax & Stranded Conductor
High Definition Megapixel video sensor, compact indoor design, micro SD card slot
Nubix 8RT
Nubix 8-Channel Real Time Security DVR viewable on iPhone - Android - Blackberry

Wall Mount 12VDC Power Box with 16 Individually Fused Channels

Outdoor long range bullet camera with built-in infrared array.

Varifocal Lens 2.8-12mm with Auto-Iris

Indoor box style security camera with low light sensitivity. Lens sold separately.


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This camera contains a Sony color CCD video sensor and advance Sony Effio video processing firmware that provides advanced functions. Camera resolution starts is 540-TV lines and can be enhanced through a number of options available in the on-screen display menu (OSD menu). These options include:


  • Gain control
  • Electronic shutter control
  • Backlight compensation
  • Digital zoom (up to 10x)
  • Optical zoom (up to 27x)
  • Focus override/auto focus
  • Privacy masking
  • Address code
  • More


An attached mini-joystick lets users or installers set the camera during installation. The camera can also be addressed by a PTZ controller (using RS485 protocol) or a DVR with PTZ control. This allows the user to remotely zoom and focus the camera (auto-focus ability is built-in, so focus adjustment is not always required).

The camera uses an auto-iris lens so exposure is never a problem. The Sony video sensor is infrared sensitive so if you provide an external source of IR light the camera will provide images in total darkness (you can also use the OSD menu to set options for very low light imaging without infrared assist). An automatic mechanical filter is built into the camera to make sure imaging under infrared lighting is as clear and sharp as imaging during daylight conditions.

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