Fail-Safe Electrical Door Strike/Lock
Crimp-On BNC Cable Connector Cable Terminator
Crimping Tool with Multiple Gauge Fittings
PreMolded Dual Power / Video Cables in Various Lengths with BNC and Power Connectors
Coaxial Balun CAT5 to BNC Connector
Indoor dome CCTV camera with recessed bracket options.
Fail-Safe Electrical Door Strike/Lock

3-8mm Infrared Optimized Varifocal Lens with Auto-Iris

12VDC Wall Mount Power Box with 4 Individually Fused Output Channels

Indoor box style security camera. Lens sold separately.

12VDC Wall Mount Power Box with 4 Individually Fused Output Channels


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Interchangeable Lens, Industry Standard Mount

The user has the option of selecting a lens they have on hand for this camera, or purchasing a lens from us. Thanks to the front end camera design, this procut can take an insustry standard C-mount or CS-mount lens equllly well). Lens flexibility is a hall mark of good camera design.

User Features

The on-screen display menu (OSD menu) allows a great deal of customization. Users can select or adjust a large number of working parameters that directly effect the captured video image. These parameters include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sens Up - Digital slow shutter speed is easy to set using the OSD menu.

Motion Detection - Create up to 4 on-screen trigger zones with adjustable sensitivity. Trigger an alarm when motion is detected in one of the zones, using the GND/In/Out terminals on the back of the camera.

White Balance Programming - Increase accuracy of color reproduction by fine-tuning color temperatures. Indoor & Outdoor setting available.

Privacy Masking - Place a gray, white, or black mask in up to 8 different on-screen positions to prevent invasion of privacy concerns and liability. Any action covered by a mask can not be viewed or recorded.

Essential Specifications:

  • 1/3" CCD video sensor
  • Digital signal processing
  • Very high resolution: 560-lines
  • eTV rating: 600+ lines
  • Effective pixels:
    • NTSC: >379k
  • Very Low Light sensitive (adjustable using Sense-up)
  • DSS - digital slow shutter speed programmable
  • Motion detection with alarm triggering capability
  • Multiple programmable privacy masks
  • Auto-electronic shutter
  • Auto tracking white balance (ATW) - automatically aligns the white balance by detecting R-G and B-G prior to gamma correction
  • Auto gain control (AGC) - selectable
  • Back light compensation (BLC- selectable
  • Auto-iris support
  • Power: 12VDC (not included)
  • C or CS- mount lens compatible (C-ring provided) - lens NOT included.
  • Product Specifications & Examples

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    Parameters of Product: OSD Menu

    Parameters of Product: C/CS-Lens Mount