Nubix 16RT
Nubix Real Time 16-channel Security DVR
Varifocal Lens 6-15mm with Manual Iris
Keychain Proximity Keyfob
Fail-Safe Electrical Door Strike/Lock
Cable Raceway Cover for Corner Bend
PTZ Controller with 3-Axis Joystick
12VDC Wall Mount Power Box with 8 Individually Fused Output Channels

Black-and-White Video Door Phone with Handset

Orbix 8MX
8-Channel Security DVR

Wall Mount 12VDC Power Box with 16 Individually Fused Channels

24VAC Wall Mount Power Box with 16 Fused Output Channels


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The ECL-V702 is an advanced indoor video doorbell monitor designed to be used with 2 doorbell camera units and two auxiliary CCTV security cameras. It can also communicate with a second ECL-V702 monitor for use as an intercom. The ECL-V702 has a VGA quality full color TFT LCD screen that provides clear, brilliant images of visitors. A built-in microphone and speaker let you communicate with whoever is at the door or gate (as long as the doorbell camera is equipped with microphone and speaker). The illuminated touch-panel buttons require only a touch and the front of the unit is easy to clean.

Compatible Video Doorbell/Gate Cameras

The ECL-V702 does not include a camera. We recommend using either the ECL-VB1T (black-and-white), the ECL-VC1T (color), or the ECL-VC2 (color).

  • Super wide 10-inch color LCD screen
  • Ultra thin! Just 1-inch thick!
  • 800x600 VGA quality image
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for bidirectional communication
  • Unlock button
  • Do Not Disturb function
  • Seasonal chime selection
  • Easy to install - only 4 wires to connect
  • Can connect to radio or television
  • Supports call transfer to other indoor video door phones (if present)
  • Image capture mode
  • Inter talk with a second monitor (not included)
  • 2 auxiliary security camera inputs (auxiliary cameras not included)
  • Power: 13.8VDC (power adapter included)
  • Dimensions: 10.4" x 6.7" x 1.0"
  • Doorbell/gate cameras not included