Nubix 16HDX
Nubix avanced 16-channel MAC & PC Compatible Hybrid Security DVR with X-tra Features
Portable Battery Powered LCD Test Monitor
15" Color CRT Monitor for Security Networks and Surveillance DVRs
BNC "T" Signal Splitter
Linemans Hand Set for Testing
Indoor Aluminum Camera Housing for Full Size Security Camera
Board Camera Varifocal Lens 6-22mm with Manual Iris

Board Camera Varifocal Lens 6-22mm with Auto-Iris

Indoor high resolution color dome camera with IR and a mechanical infrared filter.

24VAC Wall Mount Power Supply with 4 Individually Fused Output Channels

Outdoor bullet camera with vandal-resistant case and built-in infrared array.


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The ECL-V702 is an advanced indoor video doorbell monitor designed to be used with 2 doorbell camera units and two auxiliary CCTV security cameras. It can also communicate with a second ECL-V702 monitor for use as an intercom. The ECL-V702 has a VGA quality full color TFT LCD screen that provides clear, brilliant images of visitors. A built-in microphone and speaker let you communicate with whoever is at the door or gate (as long as the doorbell camera is equipped with microphone and speaker). The illuminated touch-panel buttons require only a touch and the front of the unit is easy to clean.

Compatible Video Doorbell/Gate Cameras

The ECL-V702 does not include a camera. We recommend using either the ECL-VB1T (black-and-white), the ECL-VC1T (color), or the ECL-VC2 (color).

  • Super wide 10-inch color LCD screen
  • Ultra thin! Just 1-inch thick!
  • 800x600 VGA quality image
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for bidirectional communication
  • Unlock button
  • Do Not Disturb function
  • Seasonal chime selection
  • Easy to install - only 4 wires to connect
  • Can connect to radio or television
  • Supports call transfer to other indoor video door phones (if present)
  • Image capture mode
  • Inter talk with a second monitor (not included)
  • 2 auxiliary security camera inputs (auxiliary cameras not included)
  • Power: 13.8VDC (power adapter included)
  • Dimensions: 10.4" x 6.7" x 1.0"
  • Doorbell/gate cameras not included