Nexxa 4 NVR
Network video recorder with 4 channels.
6.0mm Fixed Focus C-Mount Lens
Crimping Tool with Multiple Gauge Fittings
1000' Bulk Box of Unterminated Black and Red Power Cable
PreMade 6' Coaxial Patch Cable with Molded on BNC Connectors
Data Signal Surge Protector
3-8mm Infrared Optimized Varifocal Lens with Auto-Iris

Budget IP camera for indoor use complete with automatic radiant infrared array.

Outdoor dome camera with varifocal lens, smoke dome and advanced OSD menu.

Fixed Focus 4MM Lens with Manual Iris

Outdoor bullet camera with built-in infrared array.

Nexxa 4 NVROrbix 8MX

Nexxa 9 NVR
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Nexxa 9 NVR

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With unsurpassed video quality and ease of use, the Nexxa 9 security DVR/NVR has all the features you would expect for a hybrid product plus an HDMI video output that provides crystal clear images.

Using standard CCTV camera technology? Using IP camera technology? Use both with this DVR. With 9 camera channels you have great flexibility.

Dual Buffering Merge Technology

Unique to this DVR is a video protection method called "dual buffering merge" technology. This technology uses multiple video streams to insure that network errors like dropped frames and other situations do not effect your video quality. If a problem occurs in one stream then another stream is right there to pick up the slack. No loss of quality, not loss of video data. The Nexxa series is the ONLY NVR ON THE MARKET to offer this technology!

  • Standalone design using embedded LINUX OS
  • 9-channels real time recording
  • H.264 compression
  • HDMI video output
  • 4 standard audio channels (RCA connectors)
  • 8 standard CCTV connectors (BNC for analog style CCTV cameras)
  • Connect up to 9 (max) IP cameras through LAN
  • Digital Zoom
  • Record modes: manual, motion, alarm, schedule
  • User defined motion detection area
  • Built-in web server allows remote viewing without buying special software
  • Multiplex operation: multi-camera playback, remote view, set-up, and back-up simultaneously
  • TCP/IP network interface remote viewing via client software and Internet Explorer (IE)
  • RS485 for PTZ devices