Network Video Recorders (NVRs) Print
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 16:20

Surveillance CCTV technology moves into a fully networked IP-oriented environment with Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Our Nexxa Series of state-of-the-art security video recorders offer users advanced image recording on IP networks and some products give you the ability to integrate standard (analog legacy) CCTV technology cameas in the same box. Available in 4-, 8-, and 16- camera versions, each product gives the user unprecedented technology with DBMT - Dual Buffering Merge Technology.  This technology uses multiple video streams to insure that network errors like dropped frames and other situations do not effect your video quality. If a problem occurs in one stream then another stream is right there to pick up the slack. No loss of quality, not loss of video data. The Nexxa series is the ONLY NVR ON THE MARKET to offer this technology! Along with DBMT these products offer all the standard features you'd expect.

  • Standalone architecture using embedded LINUX OS
  • Real time recording
  • Two-way communication channels
  • Multiple video outputs.
  • Multiple USB 2.0 ports on front
  • H.264 compression
  • Digital Zoom, User Defined Motion Detection areas
  • Multiplex operation with multiple recording modes
  • Built-in web server allows remote viewing using your cell phone or computer without buying special software
  • TCP/IP network interface remote viewing via client software and Internet Explorer (IE)
  • RS485 for controllling a wide variety of PTZ devices
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